The European Individual Woman’s chess championship 2017 is organized by joining forces of Latvian Chess Federation, European Chess Union and the organizing team of the international chess festival Riga Technical University Open. The key persons in the organizing team are the following.

FM, IO Aris Ozolins – is the President of Latvian Chess Federation and FIDE Baltic zone. Aris is the most experienced organizer in Latvia. International chess festival Liepajas Rokade stands out of the long list of the tournaments organized by Aris. In August 2017 the festival will take place for the 24th consecutive time. During all these years the organizing team is led by Aris. The festival is one of the best known, largest and strongest rapid chess festivals in Baltics. Many strong grandmasters visit Liepaja for 4 days in August, including FIDE World ex-champion Alexander Khalifman, Jaan Ehlvest, Igor Kovalenko, Alexei Shirov, Zurab Azmaiparashvili. Aris is the author of the idea that European Women and Youth Chess Championships should be organized in Riga. He has done the most part of the job for these big chess events to be held in Riga, Latvia.

Tournament director, FM IO Egons Lavendelis – is leading the organizing team of the International Chess Festival Riga Technical University Open. During the 7 years of the festival’s history the tournament has become by far the largest and strongest classical chess festivals in Baltic countries and one of the top tournaments in Northern Europe. It usually gathers more than 400 players, including around 25 GMs and more than 100 titled players. Egons has organized also many other events in Latvia, including all kinds of Latvian championships. Egons leads the local organizing team of the European Championship.

WIM Katrina Amerika (Skinke) – is also a key member of Riga Technical University Open organizers team. She has been a member of the organizing team during all years of RTU Open and significantly contributed to shape the festival as to be as good as it is nowadays. Katrina is also a member of Latvian Olympic chess team, so she has experienced the largest chess events of the world as a participant and is contributing this experience to the team of organizers.