RIGA, April 22 (LETA) – Georgian chess player Nana Dzagnidze triumphed in the overall standings at the European Individual Chess Championship in Riga today.

Dzagnidze played a draw in her final match against Russia’s Natalija Pogonina today, concluding the tournament with 8.5 points.

Russia’s Aleksandra Goryachkina finished in overall second place with eight points, as she also played a draw in her final match against Elisabeth Paehtz.

The third place finisher in the competition was also from Russia, Alisa Galliamova, who finished with eight points.

The leaders were followed by another 12 chess players which concluded the tournament with 7.5 points. The top eleven of them have also qualified for the Chess World Cup.

They are (in order): Kateryna Lagno (Russia), Mariya Muzychuk (Ukraine), Monika Socko (Poland), Elina Danielian (Armenia), Elisabeth Paehtz (Germany), Marina Nechaeva (Russia), Bela Khotenashvili (Georgia), Natalia Zhukova (Ukraine), Natalija Pogonina (Russia), Hoang Thanh Trang (Hungary) and Anita Gara (Hungary).

Since only the top 14 finishers in the competition qualify for the Chess World Cup, 15th place finisher Inna Gaponenko (Ukraine) failed to qualify for the tournament, even though she too finished with 7.5 points.

Meanwhile, Latvia’s top chess player Ilze Berzina played a draw in her final match against Greece’s Ioulia Makka today, finishing with 5.5points and in 69th place.